My Morning Routine

Waking Up Ritual (15 minutes)

  1. Start my timer
  2. Spend  few minutes following a guided ‘Welcoming the Day’ meditation from Stop, Breathe & Think
  3. Drink a glass of water
  4. Eat a handful of nuts
  5. Stretching and strengthening exercises from Arthritis Research UK.  I’ve put the exercises in order so I can do the first few still lying in bed, the next few sat on the edge of the bed, and lastly standing up.

Once I’m up I’ll get dressed, set the timer again, have breakfast, then start a little ritual to clear my mind and then another to started on focused work.  In practice these routines flow into one another.

Clocking In Ritual (15 minutes)

  1. Take a cup of tea up to my desk
  2. Start my timer
  3. Check my work and personal email and add items that need attention to my to-do list
  4. Brainstorm anything that comes to mind – worries, jobs that need doing, distractions and ideas I want to follow up.
  5. Add any items that are tasks to my to-do list.  If I’m worried, anxious or have anything on the list that’s likely to distract me I might do a little thinking or writing about it immediately, or add a task to my to-do list so I can come back to it later.
  6. Check the schedule on my calendar still looks sensible.
  7. Adjust my pacing timer to suit how I’m feeling today.

Deep Work (15-25 minutes)

  1. Play the same piece of music.
  2. Open a jar with a drop of bergamot essential oil in it.
  3. Write the question I’m trying to answer today on my whiteboard.
  4. Write out what I’ll be doing (reading x; thinking about y)
  5. “Un-icky” anything that still seems a bit vague or scary
  6. Make a start


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