Bone Tired

Bone tired is the only way to describe how I feel today.  My skeleton is sleepy, my muscles sluggish and when required to speak or think my brain just shrugs.  I hate this feeling, it seems like such a waste of a day.  And I don’t feel like I’ve any control over it.  I’ve taken rest breaks, meditated, been to bed, fell asleep unintentionally and done a little exercise.  None if it has helped.  Each time I gradual fade back into drowsiness.

I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia in addition to the existing chronic vestibular migraines).  Poor sleep and fatigue are associated with fibromyalgia.  I’ll be getting advice on improving my sleep as part of my treatment.  In the meantime I think all I can do is try and get little tasks accomplished as best I can, interspersed with plenty of rest.

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