Finally – I can see some progress with pacing!

The aim of pacing is to find the approximate length of time that I can work at something without causing a flare up in my symptoms. The principles of pacing are to avoid a cycle of boom and bust by stopping before you need a break. A few months ago I worked out my baselines for various activities. I’m working on gradually increasing my baselines by one minute a week for two activities at a time.

The activities I have been working on are housework and using the computer. At the start of this week I increased the time spent on housework to 9 minutes, and time spent at the computer to 7 minutes

Using the computer is still comfortable, as long as I wear my wrist splint. This means I can increase the time allowed for the computer to 8 minutes. I do need to make sure I alternate using the computer with something away from my desk and making very light use of my hands. Dictation, reading, or using my whiteboard could all be good activities to alternate with the PC so I can keep my train of thought going while not aggravating any one particular symptom for too long.

I really want to increase time allocated to housework to 10 minutes as it’s a round number, but I felt tired few times after the 9 minutes this week. I also need to take care during the 9 minutes if I’m doing repetitive actions like stirring a saucepan or scrubbing or cleaning the bath. Several times doing activities like these within the 9 minutes has produced aching muscles and painful joints.

So I’m going to leave housework at an untidy 9 minutes. I’m also going to make a new category in my pacing list for repetitive housework tasks. I’ll start this at a baseline of 1 minutes and build up slowly from there.

Pacing like this is still frustrating although I am more accepting of it and it’s becoming a habit. I can see some benefit though. I’ve less pain in my hands particularly and while I’m tired at the end of the day, I’m not sleeping as much in the daytime.


  1. Really helps me to learn about how you are pacing yourself. I might take that approach of one minute at a time to wake up earlier and earlier until I can consistently wake up at 5 AM. That’s kind of a goal of mine. I also need to ramp up my walking stamina drastically if I am going to be walking dogs all day. Good to know that you are fighting through the frustration and hanging in there. I’ll be watching this space for more updates. – seizazen

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