Pacing progress update

The aim of pacing is to find the approximate length of time that I can work at something without causing a flare up in my symptoms. The principles of pacing are to avoid a cycle of boom and bust and to stop before you need a break. A few months ago I worked out my starting baselines for various activities. I’m working on gradually increasing my baselines by one minute a week for two activities at a time.


Overall I’m starting to see benefits from pacing my activities to reduce flare ups in fatigue and pain. I still struggle with some of the drawbacks. For example, I can’t get into a ‘flow state‘ when I’m only engaging in something for a maximum of 8 minutes at a time. And it’s taking a lot of time, thought and energy to implement pacing in my life.

I’ve been doing some problem solving around the various issues as they arise which makes things a little easier. I can also see an improvement in terms of how comfortable I am as I’m aggravating the pain and dizziness less. This is particularly noticeable towards the end of the day. I have to go to bed less during the day to sleep. Though I still have scheduled rest breaks where I lie down to relax or meditate and I still do to bed at the onset of a migraine.

The changes:


I’ve experimented with grouping tasks into sets of 4. I have a 3 minute break after each task to check in, and a longer relaxation period of around 25 minutes after each set of 4. I’m aiming to group activities so I keep some continuity in where my mind is at throughout each set, and variety in how I use my body from one task to the next. Pairing activities that I do regularly reduces the planning and decisions that need to be made each day.

  • Planning (computer) / Balance exercises
  • Reading or dictation / housework
  • Writing (computer) / dictation or thinking

Frustration with the timer:

Each morning I have started breaking down tasks I plan to do that day into smaller steps that match the time I’m allowed by my pacing strategy. This seems to reduce the frustration that comes from constantly being interrupted by the timer when I’m in the middle of something. Hopefully as time goes on I’ll get better at estimating the time needed for different tasks.

New baselines:

  • Housework
    • I’ve settled at 8 minutes at a time for general housework. I did try a week at 9 minutes but was getting very tired sometimes so reduced it back to 8 minutes. I’m planning to leave housework at this level for now.
    • I noticed I was getting very sore muscles after jobs involving stirring or scrubbing despite keeping to my time limit. I’ve made a separate category for housework involving intensive/ repetitive movement. This category has a starting baseline of 1 minute.
    • I’m alternating housework with reading or dictation which can be done with my feet up and head supported so I don’t overuse muscles. This allows me to process what I’m thinking about while doing the housework and to give my muscles a break while I read or record my thoughts.
  • Computer
    • Using wrist splints reduces pain.
    • Currently up to 8 minutes. I’ll see how that goes this week.

You can see how long it’s taken me to get to this stage in the pictures of my record sheets below. On the one hand, I’m happy that I have doubled the amount of time I can spend at the computer in two months. On the other hand, it’s taken two months and I can still only do 8 minutes which is a long way off what I want. This is where my self-compassion course, and the support of a health professional in setting and persevering with the pacing process has been so valuable. I’ve also appreciated encouragement and support from the people around me. I’m not sure I could have persevered without it.

Baseline Record Sheet: Computer
Baseline Record Sheet: Housework


  • More aware that I do need to pay attention when doing housework.
    • Thinking about how I’m going to lift something and if it’s a good idea
    • Noticing any muscles or joint aching or fatigue
    • Thinking about whether to continue with a plan or stop and change to another activity or rest.
  • I much preferred it when I could do housework on autopilot with my mind on something more interesting.

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