A reason to celebrate!

Yesterday I got to the postdrome ( or hangover) phase of the migraine and it wasn’t until late afternoon that another migraine started. This is really exciting for me. It’s been well over a year since I experienced any kind of gap between one migraine and another. So even though I didn’t have a completely clear day, it’s still a cause for celebration.

I remembered the advice my audiologist gave me a couple of years ago when I had 3 clear days in a row. She told me to enjoy the experience, to be confident that it will happen again, but not to worry about why it happened or when the next good day will come. I think that’s really sound advice. It’s always tempting to try and identify the reasons why something happened. But it’s impossible to discover a pattern in just one event. Following her advice gives me real hope and reduces the chance of chasing false leads and the disappointment that follows.

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