Coping with difficult emotions during a setback

I find flare-ups and setbacks very frustrating, and emotionally difficult. I’d be surprised if that isn’t normal for people with chronic illness. All the worst emotions tend to surface. And it’s even harder than usual to fend off self-doubt and self -criticism because I’m tired and sore and cross. There are two phrases that have… Continue reading Coping with difficult emotions during a setback

Using an app to take teeny-tiny steps toward a tidy house

My house isn’t the worst. I won’t make it onto reality TV with the state of my dishes. But the clutter and dust has been getting me down. I can see unfinished DIY jobs, dust collecting in corners and a general grubbiness creeping in. It’s depressing because it reminds me of my lost physical ability.… Continue reading Using an app to take teeny-tiny steps toward a tidy house

Feeling stuck

I managed to get myself down to my allotment today for the first time in a while. But it was herculean effort to get out the door. I was talking to myself as if I was coaxing a reluctant child “just get your coat on” ” see that wasn’t so bad, now get your boots”,… Continue reading Feeling stuck

Small pleasures

The relief from lying down and feeling some of the tension and pain in my neck and shoulders subside. Getting my heap of cushions and pillows just right so my head and neck are completely supported.

Pitiful acts of rebellion

Recently I’ve progressed from feeling low into depression and one of the tell-take signs is a complete disregard for taking care of myself. I just don’t care. And what does an act of self-sabotage look like? It’s not going on a bender, avoiding an important deadline or staying up all hours. No – it’s going… Continue reading Pitiful acts of rebellion