💭Write kind, actionable to-do items for your future self

My notes

The Thesis Whisperer recommends breaking items down and using a verb so that they are actionable. Becky Tench describes how she writes her to-do items as intentions with context and in the past tense.

I want to take the best of both ideas. I’m going to try out writing in the past tense as a suggestion to enable my future self to make their decision about what is best to do in the circumstances they are in at the time. I’ll make sure there is a verb so that it is clear what present me meant when they wrote the memo.

This should help with the following problems I’ve had with to-do lists in the past:
– They can be bossy.
– They can be soulless, turning interesting jobs into a list of chores.
– I don’t like deleting things. It can feel like a failure to achieve a goal.
– Things can have changed since I wrote the list.
– My health varies so much.
– I rarely complete a list.
– I feel overwhelmed and anxious about the number of tasks.


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