📚 Structured Procrastination

Title: Structured Procrastination
Author: John Perry

John Perry says he’s found a way to use the urge to procrastinate to actually get a lot of things done. He says procrastinators will avoid the most important task on the list – and would rather do anything else instead. If those other things are useful then you still get a lot of things done while you are procrastinating on the main job.

Structured procrastination requires a to-do list ordered by importance. As long as you’re working on something from the list you are doing something worthwhile.

My notes

I really like the idea of this but I find it stressful in practice as the most important task is still hanging over me. I’d rather do something about the anxiety that is causing me to procrastinate and get the horrible part over and done with. On the other hand, I don’t always do what’s most sensible and if I’m procrastinating anyway then I may as well be doing something useful instead of alphabetising my bookshelves or inventing some other kind of busy work to distract myself.


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