📚To-dos: let your future self decide

Title: Kinder To Do Lists
Author: Beck Tench

My notes

In her blog post, Kinder to do lists Beck Tench says that when she writes to-do items as reminders they don’t remove the agency of her future self. In other words, writing to-do items in this way leaves what to do about the item up to her future self.

For example ‘Read *Kinder to-do lists*’ would become ‘You thought reading *Kinder to-do lists*’ could help with your blog post.

I love this idea. It removes the bossiness of to-do lists that are written in the style of commands. It also means I can respond to the item in light of the circumstances at the time. This is great when my health varies.  It also makes it easier to delete items that turn out not to matter as much as I thought they did (I don’t know why I tend to hang on to things even when I’m overwhelmed).


Tench, Beck. 2019. ‘Kinder To Do Lists’. I Am Beck Tench (blog). 2019. https://www.becktench.com/blog/2019/5/13/kinder-to-do-lists.