Worry Postponement

A counsellor I saw during a particularly low period introduced me to worry time or postponing worry.  During the day all your worries get noted down, then at the allotted time you work your way through them using the worry tree to decide how to deal with them. Then you set your timer for 10 or 15 minutes and worry as much as you like. When the time is up you go back to noting down worries again ready for the next day’s worry session. I was doubtful it was going to help but found it surprisingly effective.

The ‘worry tree’ is a tool for helping you to decide how to deal with each worry during your worry time.


ReachOut Worry Time

  • Free app for practising postponing worry
  • Available for Android and iPhone.
  • Produced in conjunction with CCI.

The Worry Tree

  • Decision tree for dealing with worries.
  • Published by getselfhelp.co.uk, a website written by a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist that provides CBT worksheets and resources.