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This is my digital garden 🌱

These pages are a permanent work in progress! Over the years and I’ve built up quite a collection of information, techniques and strategies for managing a chronic illness. I’m gradually adding these to these pages together with ideas from my reading and some of my own thoughts. 

These are extracts from my own notes.  They are occasionally incomplete, personal and develp over time.  However, I hope that they may give you some ideas for coping with your own particular situation and living your life as fully as possible with your chronic health condition.

Key: types of note

🧰 Resources: self-help materials; apps; tutorials etc.
📚 Other peoples ideas: useful ideas from my reading and research
💭My ideas: my own thoughts on managing chronic illness

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🧰’Resources for Neurodiverse Grad Students and the Faculty Who Advise Them’
🧰Behaviour Experiment Worksheet
🧰Behavioural Activation Worksheet
🧰Behavioural Experimentation Record Sheet
🧰Generalised Anxiety Disorder & Worry
🧰Gregg Shorthand
🧰The Compassionate Mind Approach to Self-Confidence
🧰The Worry Tree
🧰Unhelpful Thoughts: Challenging and Testing Them Out
🧰What Me Worry?
🧰Worry Time App

Other Peoples Ideas

📚 Structured Procrastination
📚”Then you cry.” Stephen King
📚GTD isn’t right for long-term projects
📚Make your to-do list items actionable
📚Recognise what kind of note you’re making and deal with it accordingly
📚Technical debt
📚Think of your future-self
📚To-dos: let your future self decide
📚When you write to do lists with your future self in mind you practice compassion
📚Write to-dos in the past tense and include context

My ideas

💭Don’t keep repeating items in your to-to list use checklists instead.
💭Write kind, actionable to-do items for your future self