🧰Behavioural Activation Worksheet

Link: getselfhelp.co.uk
Creator: Carol Vivyan getselfhelp.com

My notes

I was introduced to behavioural activation when I was seeing a counsellor. We worked on the worksheet over a few weeks.   This worksheet designed to help with depression but I’ve found it useful when my activity has become limited because of physical symptoms during setbacks and flare-ups.

I like to use a behaviour activation worksheet rather than setting goals in my head or making a to-do list when I am struggling.  It can be hard to keep ideas in my head when I have migraines or low-mood. If I use a worksheet or workbook I can follow the instructions and I’ll need less brain-power or motivation.

This worksheet is available from getselfhelp.co.uk.  The website is run by Carol Vivyan, a registered psychologist.  The website provides resources for counsellors.  The worksheets are useful if you are familiar with the technique.  If you are new to behavioural activation a resource designed for self-help might be more appropriate.  Alternatively, you might want to see a counsellor for help getting started.