šŸ§°Generalised Anxiety Disorder & Worry

Link: PDF from getselfhelp.co.uk
Creator: Carol Vivyan

My notes

I was given this worksheet when I was seeing a counsellor.Ā  We talked about the anxiety and worry caused by having a chronic illness.Ā  This included anxiety about how the symptoms might affect me in particular circumstances and my worries about the future if I didn’t get well soon.Ā  I wanted to tackle my worrying for two reasons.Ā  Firstly, the physical symptoms of anxiety can exacerbate the symptoms of my illness.Ā  And secondly, I no longer had the time and energy to manage my worry by overpreparing and perfectionism as I had in the past.

This was a useful reference at the time.Ā  I particularly found the distinction between different types of worry and links to strategies for dealing with them.Ā  It’s only three pages long so doesn’t go into the CBT techniques in any detail.

Published by getselfhelp.co.uk, a website written by a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist that provides CBT worksheets and resources.Ā  CBT is an evidence-based therapy.