🧰Unhelpful Thoughts: Challenging and Testing Them Out

Link: CEDAR, University of Essex
Creator: CEDAR, University of Essex

My notes

I like this workbook because it is attractive.  It’s easy to read and explains the principles behind the activities clearly and with enough detail to make sense of what to do and why it might help. This matters to me when I’m feeling very low or anxious and finding it hard to do anything.

The workbook is designed to be by a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner with their patient, over a number of weeks. If you struggle with the workbook it might be worth looking at other resources that are designed for self-help.

I’ve included it in this resource list because:

  • The worksheets look good.
  • The layout of the booklet helps me to pace myself with the activities.
  • It has good explanations of the techniques and the reasons why they might work.
  • It’s evidence-based.