🧰What Me Worry?

Link: PDFs from the Centre for Clinical Excellence

My notes

The workbook consists of 10 modules that can be downloaded and printed out.  I liked the way the course encourages you to think about what you’re experiencing and to apply the information to your own situation.  It explains the symptoms and causes and beliefs that come with generalised anxiety and worry before going on to introduce exercises and activities to help manage the worrying.

The main techniques covered are:

  • challenging beliefs
  • problem-solving
  • helpful thinking
  • accepting uncertainty

I completed the course of modules on my own and found it really helped.  I think some of the ideas have made a lasting difference.  I’m more aware of why I worry and that has made it easier for me to keep a little perspective.  This isn’t the only resource I have used to tackle worry, and it has taken a lot of deliberate practice and helpful reminders form my partner to make a long-term difference.  I also haven’t stopped worrying, it’s just less of a problem than it used to be – and that’s a good thing!  Living with chronic illness (and the usual life challenges) present enough real problems without my worrying about hat could happen.

Produced by the Centre for Clinical Excellence which is a public mental health service in Western Australia